Case Size: $205,000 Medicare Set Aside 


We received a case from the insurance adjuster for an injured party that was unrepresented. She was opposed to settlement, and she was unhappy with her treatments being denied through the workers’ compensation system. 


We helped to coordinate all parties, including the injured party and her husband, her adjuster, and the defense counsel. Our team explained that we would be able to provide her with a resource after settlement, and that she could treat with any doctor or provider, unlike the WC system. She was very interested in this, as she wanted to utilize a pain management clinic that was not currently available to her. Our Care Advocate team verified that she would be able to use this clinic post-settlement.


After learning that with Ametros, she could treat at the pain management clinic of her choice and that services and treatment would become easier to avail by settling with Ametros,  she decided to finally settle her case and become a CareGuard member.


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